Gone Girl (R) ★★★★ by Sarah Knight Adamson

Based on Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel, director David Fincher brings this mystery thriller to the big screen with Ben Affleck starring. Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

“Gone Girl” is a psychological thriller with plenty of surprises to hold you captive until the credits roll.  Director David Fincher’s adaption of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel is mesmerizing. Personally, I felt Fincher’s “The Social Network” should have earned him an Oscar for Best Picture in 2010; it did win for editing that is also pitch-perfect in “Gone Girl.” Rosamund Pike’s riveting performance as Amy has catapulted her up to Hollywood’s A-list. Ben Affleck’s Nick has just the right amount of self-assuredness along with bountiful smirks to be highly effective. I read half of the book but stopped due to the fact I wanted to view the movie with no frame of reference. I’m thankful for my decision, as the film was one shocking surprise after another. A dark, entertaining, runaway bullet train.

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