Top 20 Movies of 2014


What a great year for movies, these are my favorites in order according to my most favorite as #1.

1. Life Itself-Documentary, Based on the life and book of film critic Roger Ebert … Read more

Hollywood: Critics’ Choice 2015 Awards Posted to

Members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) bestowed their honors in film during the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (CCMA). These honors coincided with the revealing of the coveted Academy Awards nominations (January … Read more

Selma (PG-13) ★★★½

True Story of Selma Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

Polished and poignant, the true story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading the perilous movement to pass equal voting rights is a must-see. The … Read more

Nightcrawler (R) ★★★½

Nightcrawler: One of Gyllenhaal’s Best Performances to Date

With slicked back hair, bug eyes, a gaunt face and a barely there smile, Jake Gyllenhaal (Enemy, 2014) is almost unrecognizable as Louis Bloom, an … Read more

Still Alice (PG-13) ★★★★

An Unforgettable Performance by Julianne Moore

Even if you don’t have an immediate loved one who is affected, you may know someone who is. More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, … Read more

Chef (R) ★★★½

Properly Prepared, Sensationally Satisfying

Writer, director, producer and actor, Jon Favreau is back filmmaking again, but far from the Iron Man franchise. In Favreau’s latest indie-style flick, Chef, he tackles roles both in front of … Read more

The Theory of Everything (PG-13) ★★★★

Redmayne Should Prepare Himself for An Oscar Nod

Most know Stephen Hawking as the English astrophysicist, or just a sheer genius. Besides those who study algorithms and atoms for a living, what do the rest … Read more

Interstellar (PG-13) ★★★½

Stellar Sci-Fi

More often nowadays, films are fueling the conversations about the end of the world. Will we run out of food and supplies? Are we poisoning our air and water?  What can we even … Read more

Chicago Comedy Film Festival: Love Is Strange

More often than not the road to love is a winding one, with some combination of thrilling attractions, disheartening breakdowns, dead ends and head-scratching u-turns along the way.  The 4th annual Chicago Comedy Film Festival … Read more

Gone Girl (R) ★★★★

Fincher Stuns Audiences Yet Again

Although Gone Girl is a mystery there was never a question as to whether the movie would be a box-office success. Based on the immensely popular Gillian Flynn book of … Read more

Gone Girl (R) ★★★★ by Sarah Knight Adamson

“Gone Girl” is a psychological thriller with plenty of surprises to hold you captive until the credits roll.  Director David Fincher’s adaption of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel is mesmerizing. Personally, I felt Fincher’s “The Social … Read more

A Walk Among the Tombstones (R) ★★★½

No Taken 4

The legendary Liam Neeson never disappoints. He’s famously known as the protective, paternal warrior and protagonist, especially in action-thrillers like Non-Stop (2014), The Grey (2011) and the Taken series (2008, 2012).

In … Read more

The One I Love (R) ★★★★

Mark Duplass & Elizabeth Moss Steal The Screen, Literally

Thirysomethings, Ethan (Mark Duplass, Parkland 2013) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss, Mad Men 2007-2015) have tried nearly everything to save their marriage. Now, their therapist (Ted Danson, … Read more

Lucy (R) ★★★½

Scar Jo Goes Out of Her Damsel Comfort Zone

Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s most well-known blonde vixens who most often plays the role of the seductress like in Her (2013), Don Jon (2013), … Read more

They Came Together (R) ★★½

The Comedy About Romantic Comedies

Everyone recognizes the classic clichés in romantic comedies whether it be a meet-cute or an opposites attract scenario. There is likely a token best friend and the protagonist is probably … Read more

Jersey Boys (R) ★★★

Here’s an “American Dream” jukebox musical story set in the 60s about a talented group of singing teens from one of the worst neighborhoods in New Jersey who believed in themselves enough to make it … Read more

Obvious Child (R) ★★★½

“Obvious Child” is Risky & Refreshing

When it comes to rom-coms, the conflict seems to always find its way to a perfect solution, a solution that is sure to sit well with audiences. The lead … Read more

X-Men Days of Future Past (PG-13) ★★★★

One of the Best Summer Blockbusters of 2014

What separates the X-Men movies is their ability to introduce new characters through its series, compared to other superhero movies like Batman or Spider-Man that rely on … Read more

Heaven is for Real (PG) ★★★½

Incredible Family Story Comes to the Big Screen

The New York Times best-selling book Heaven is for Real by Nebraska Pastor Todd Burpo opens on the big screen this coming Wednesday before Easter. Oscar nominee … Read more

The Grand Budapest Hotel (R) ★★★½

Be Sure to Visit The Grand Budapest Hotel

Those familiar with Wes Anderson films recognize his trademarks: clever writing, ensemble casts, a particular eye for detail, and his love of nostalgia and outdated quirks. The … Read more

The Lego Movie (PG) ★★★★

The Lego Movie: Friendly Family Flick

Unlike many other animated movies, where the story is based on a classic fairytale or historical figure, The Lego Movie does not have the benefit of a famous … Read more

Lone Survivor (R) ★★★★

Bonds of Brotherhood + Horrors of War

While audiences can easily guess the outcome of Peter Berg’s latest action film, Lone Survivor, based on its title, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a movie … Read more