Top 20 Movies of 2014

Sarah Knight Adamson member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association attends the Critics Choice Movie Awards and interviews talent on the Red Carpet January 15, 2015 — Hollywood, CA


What a great year for movies, these are my favorites in order according to my most favorite as #1.

1. Life Itself-Documentary, Based on the life and book of film critic Roger Ebert
2. Birdman-Dark Comedy, Based on the Broadway comeback of a movie superhero
3. The Grand Budapest Hotel-Comedy, Wes Anderson’s latest quirky film
4. Guardians of the Galaxy-Fantasy, Comedy, Comic Books, 80’s soundtrack
5. Selma-Drama, Based on historical facts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965
6. The Theory of Everything-Drama, Based on the facts of Stephen Hawking’s life
7. Gone Girl-Mystery, Drama, Based on the bestseller novel in which a husband is a suspect
8. American Sniper-Based on the true story of war hero sniper Chris Kyle
9. Boyhood-Drama, Filmed over a 12-year span, a boy grows up before your eyes
10. Wild– Drama, Based on the true story of Pacific Crest Trail hiker Cheryl Strayed
11. The Imitation Game– Drama, Based on facts of British war hero Alan Turing’s life
12. The Lego Movie– Animation, Family, Based on the brightly colored toys that connect
13. Captain American: Winter Solider– Action and Adventure, Comic Books
14. Chef-Comedy, Family, Road Trip centering on food and a father/son relationship
15. X-Men Days of Future Past– Action and Adventure, Comic Books
16. Godzilla– Science Fiction, Remake, Based on the original story of the famous monster
17. Whiplash-Drama, An intense jazz teacher’s teaching methods dangerously bullies his student
I8. Into the Woods– Fantasy, Remake of the Broadway musical, a mashup of fairy tales
19. 22 Jump Street-Comedy, Sequel, Two undercover cops go to college
20. Nightcrawler– Drama, Over ambitious creeper crime videographer goes over the top