Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story ★★★★

Directed by Daniel Raim. Photo Credit: Adama Films

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story is a documentary and based on a true story. Storyboard Artist Harold Michelson and his wife, a film researcher, Lillian Michelson, They are two nameless heroes of Hollywood’s greatest films.

Director Daniel Raim has created a fascinating and moving account of their romantic and creative partnership. We see their 60-year journey of love, family, and how they both worked to create 100’s of legendary films including The Ten Commandments, The Birds, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, The Graduate, Rosemary’s Baby, Scarface and many more.

The Bottom-Line? This is truly a heartwarming story. Above all, it’s a love-letter to the Michelson’s and also a filmmaking history lesson.

I interviewed the director Daniel Raim and asked him why he thought that DreamWorks Studios named the King, Harold and the Queen, Lillian in the Shrek movies.

He said, “I think that somehow the screenwriter, director and other artists working on the Shrek movies wanted to honor these two wonderful people. And one way to do that was to name the King and Queen after them.”