Military Wives ★★★ H360 Radio Podcast

Kristin Scott Thomas, Kate and Sharon Horgan, Lisa star in “Military Wives.”

“Military Wives” is based on the inspiring true story of a group of women in England from different backgrounds who form a choir while their husbands are in serving in Afghanistan. Kristin Scott Thomas, Kate and Sharon Horgan, Lisa star in the film, and their personalities mix as well as oil and water. Kate is all no-nonsense, and Lisa’s a free-spirit who doesn’t like to take orders. They clash over how to direct the newly formed choir, with Kate trying formal (and dull) vocal training, while Lisa just wants the ladies to cut loose with some pop tunes.

Kate eventually gives in to the overwhelming groups’ desired songs and finds herself settling in. We also view grief as Kate is dealing with the death of her military son as she finds solace in her new group mid-way through the film. Mostly, we see Kate and Lisa duking it out over who will lead the group.

The director Peter Cattaneo (“The Full Monty”), garners a similar tone to that crowd-pleasing debut thanks to the interspersed comedy throughout. The big payoff is near the ending when the choir attends a singing competition at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The Bottomline: I’m in 3 ★★★ stars out of four. A wonderful inspiring movie especially for the current pandemic we are all living!

Here’s the video posted on Hollywood 360 Radio Network:

Sarah Knight Adamson© May 30, 2020