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Outer Banks Series, Netflix 2020

“Outer Banks” Season 1, 10 Episodes

From Netflix, John B (Chase Stokes) has not seen or heard from his father in almost a year. He and his friends JJ, Pope, and Kiara uncover clues that begin to reveal what might have happened to his father.

Outer Banks Series, Netflix 2020

Madelyn Cline, (Sarah Cameron), daughter of Ward Cameron, and John B’s love interest. She is referred to by many as the princess of the Kooks; however, her rebellious side often rejects the Kook life and gets her mixed up with the Pogues.

Madison Bailey, (Kiara “Kie”), the daughter of a successful restaurant owner who hangs out with the Pogues. She is technically a Kook as she comes from a wealthy family and lives in Figure Eight, but the Kooks reject her as a Kook.

Outer Banks is an exciting escape, here’s a series that’s fun to binge-watch because it’s hard to stop at just one episode. Themes relate to socioeconomic disparity and prejudice. John B sets the tone, and as the community has two distinct classes: the wealthy Kooks and the working-class Pogues. As conflicts play out between the different groups, John B. and his friends symbolize the higher community tensions. Kiara’s character is beautifully written to challenge those stereotypes.

The Bottom-line? I’m in 3 stars out of 4, The sun-soaked scenery of the Outer Banks is a guilty pleasure. The teens are engaging and fun in this preposterous script.


Jonathan Daviss, (Pope) the brains of the Pogues.

Rudy Pankow,(J.J.),John B’s loyal best friend since the third grade who is a surfer.

Austin North, (Topper), Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, and fellow Kook, who despises the Pogues.

Charles Esten, (Ward Cameron) Sarah’s father, a wealthy business owner who lives on the wealthier part of the Outer Banks known as “Figure Eight.”

Drew Starky,(Rafe Cameron), Sarah’s older brother.

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