Sonic: The Hedgehog (PG) ★ ★★ H360 Radio Podcast

It is an action and adventure comedy film based on the video game, by Paramount Pictures, Ben Schwartz voices Sonic, and Jim Carrey voices the villain Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic, a lightning-fast blue hedgehog, is having trouble fitting in on Earth. His friend Tom played (James Marsden) helps him hide from Dr. Robotnik, who is trying to capture him. The film is directed by Jess Fowler.

I enjoyed getting to know Sonic as I wasn’t familiar with the video-game. He’s actually hilarious and has a great sense of humor and is full of creative ideas. What I didn’t care for is the ultra-bullying and the downright meanness of Jim Carey’s villain doctor. This storyline is unnecessary in a kid’s movie.

Kids will enjoy the bright colors and the humor in the movie.

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