Spaceship Earth (★★★½) H360 Radio Podcast

Biosphere 2 Project undertaken by Space Biosphere Ventures, a private ecological research firm funded by Edward P. Bass of Texas. Candidates for (1990)’s Biosphere 2 project. Dr. Roy Walford (bald) is front and center. Biosphere 2 was a privately funded experiment, designed to investigate the way in which humans interact with a small self-sufficient ecological environment, and to look at possibilities for future planetary colonization. The $30 million Biosphere covers 2.5 acres near Tucson, Arizona, and was entirely self- contained. The eight ‘Biospherian’s’ shared their air- and water-tight world with 3,800 species of plant and animal life during their two-year isolation experiment. The project had problems with oxygen levels and food supply, and has been criticized over its scientific validity.(1989)

“Spaceship Earth,” is a true documentary film that follows the journey of eight conservationists, who spent two years quarantined inside of a replica of the Earth’s ecosystem, called BIOSPHERE 2. The year was 1991 and the place Oracle, AZ.
In using archival and present-day footage, the film begins 20 years before the eight individuals enter the glass enclosure led by their visionary leader John Allen.

The Bottom-Line: I’m in 3 ½ stars out of 4. Director Matt Wolf’s background film footage, along with narration, adds tremendously to the dream of the groups’ final experiment. The film asks two questions—Are they a cult? Or are they simply a focused group working towards a common goal? You be the judge, check it out!

Sarah Knight Adamson© May 16, 2020

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