Succession TV Series (R) ★★★½

“Succession” season one aired in 2018 on HBO to rave reviews. It’s based on the famous, wealthy Murdock family. It stars Brian Cox (Logan Roy), the family’s patriarch; Jeremy Strong (Kendall), his son; Kieran Calkin (Roman), another son; and Sarah Snook (Shiv), his daughter. The story revolves around their company Waystar RoyCo and a global entertainment conglomerate, who are all bidding for the CEO job when their dad retires.

Sarah Knight Adamson and Jeremy Strong January 15, 2023 Critics Choice Awards

The series has been given high accolades and awards due to its script, acting, directing, production values, musical score, and the analysis of the varied family personalities. Some critics have called “Succession” the best TV show you can currently watch. The show is definitely for adults only; the language is unsuitable for teens or kids. The writing and acting are razor-sharp; the series is great to watch once you settle in and expect what’s coming.

The family patriarch, Logan Roy (Cox), is experiencing health issues. His four children, the estranged oldest son Connor (Ruck), power-hungry Kendall (Strong), flippant Roman (Culkin), and the politically shrewd Shiv (Snook) all have their own relationship with the company, aka dad. As they begin to contemplate a future minus their father, they all compete for status within the company, namely the top job. What is interesting to view is Logan Roy, as he sees right through his children and plays their game by privately telling each of them they will be the next CEO.

As the seasons progress, it becomes a game of cat and mouse with Logan and his children. Be prepared for rough language and shocking proclamations. The show has an addictive quality as one can’t help but see what transgressions will happen in the next episodes—season 4, Episode 10 “Eyes Wide Open, airs May 28, at 8:00. I’ll be watching along with everyone, and I can say I’m very interested to know how the show will conclude.

Creator: Jesse Armstrong, writer

Director: Season 4 Episode 10: Mark Mylod

Executive Producers: Jesse Armstrong, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Frank Rich, Kevin Messick, Mark Mylod

Studio: HBO MAX Now known as MAX

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