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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be orphaned and discover that you may have a sibling? That’s the premise of “The Magician’s Elephant.” The film is based on the popular young adult fantasy novel of the same name by Katie DiCamillo. The fantasy setting is an actual small town in Europe named Baltese. Peter Duchene is a young orphan who lives with his guardian, an older soldier named Vilna Lutz. The town of Baltese is recovering from a recent war, and people are simply doing their best to get by, trying to put the losses of the past behind them.

After meeting with a fortune-teller, Peter begins searching for the sister he is told may be alive, and he must find the magician’s elephant to seek his answer. An overjoyed Peter, voiced by Noah Jupe, begins his quest with resolve and determination.
Wendy Rogers directs with a screenplay adapted by Martin Hayes of “Toy Story 4.” Peter finds the magician’s elephant and sets out to find the sister he has never met.

Ultimately, the movie is about achieving the impossible, following your dreams, and never giving up. The animation of the elephant is gorgeous; the colors are very bright and vivid. I gasped when I first saw the unique markings. A very determined Peter never gives up on his journey to find his sister, sending a great message to all. I enjoyed the film, and families will also; the story is a lesson in finding love.

“The Magicians Elephant” is playing in select theaters on March 10 and streaming on Netflix on March 17. I say, check it out!

Sarah Knight Adamson© March 11, 2023

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