The Social Dilemma PG-13 ★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Network Podcast

Hi Carl, tonight I’m going to talk about two movies that you can stream at home. First up: “The Social Dilemma” rated PG-13 on Netflix, here’s a look at social media and the invasion of your privacy. Have you ever googled something, and before you know it – ads appear that are trying to sell you similar items?

Director Jeff Orlowski’s documentary “The Social Dilemma” is streaming on Netflix; it dissects social media platforms in providing a grim picture of our interaction and those consequences. Marketers are using our data to sell us their goods and streamlining our news feed to match our intended preferences.

Orlowski’s previous documentaries, “Chasing Coral” and “Chasing Ice,” are both ‘call to action’ films. Yet the bleaching of tropical coral and the melting of Arctic ice are more readily identifiable concerns compared to social media’s harmful control.

Social networks hook us in numerous moments throughout the day, and that is no accident—it’s addiction by design. Tailored to your personal ‘likes,’ google searches, buying habits, and preferences. The pull-down and refresh option creating something new to read or watch at the there’s always going to be a new thing at the top of your screen has an interface that operates like a slot machine in Vegas.

The Bottom-line, I’m in 3 stars out of four; this is a call to action film alerting us of the addiction and the emotional struggles of adults, teens, and children.

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The Social Dilemma (PG-13) From the Vine (R)

Sarah Knight Adamson©October 11, 2020