Transformers: The Last Knight (PG-13) ★

The Last Knight has a ridiculous, far-fetched story, one that attempts to have us believe that magic stems from alien power and that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table weren’t alone as heroes. It seems there were 12 transformers that stood behind them at the round table. Who knew? A convoluted storyline includes Professor Vivian Wembley as the direct descendant of the mythical Merlin the Wizard. Hmm… did they locate that information on

Honestly, the over-stuffed story-line begins and ends in an ear-piercing battle, and I really didn’t care much about why they were all fighting, nor will you. By the two-hour mark, I was exhausted from the “location whiplash,” and couldn’t even tell you how they ended up in submarines looking for a lost alien ship, unless wait—maybe that was a reason for Mark Wahlberg to wear a tank top inscribed H. M. S. and show his cut abs to Professor Wembley and all of us. Okay, now I totally get the reasoning for the hot, steamy underwater environment. Cheesy again.

The Bottom-Line? Do not take kids under 13 to this film. Fans of the franchise know what they are in for.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg as Cade, Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley, Isabela Moner as Izabella, Josh Duhamel as Colonel Lennox, Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton, Santiago Cabrera as Santos, John Turturro as Agent Simmons, Gemma Chan as Quintessa, Jerrod Carmichael as Jimmy, Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (voice), Frank Welker as Galvatron/Megatron (voice), John Goodman as Hound (voice), Ken Watanabe as Drift (voice), John DiMaggio as Crosshairs (voice), Jess Harnell as Barricade (voice).

Credits: Directed by Michael Bay. Writers, story by Akiva Goldsman, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan.

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes