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Hi Carl, hey, I have some good news. The movie theaters are now open!

Tonight, I will discuss two films playing in theaters and a Disney movie that you can stream at home.

First up, Russell Crowe’s new movie, “Unhinged,” is rated R and is playing in theaters and Drive In’s, and it came in first place opening weekend with 4 million dollars.

Russell Crowe (The Man) stars in a psychological road rage film that quickly turns into a horror film. Rachel, played by New Zealand actress, Caren Pistorius, a single mom, runs late to work when she ‘lies on the horn’ at a traffic light at “The Man.” Turns out to be a deadly idea as he quickly hunts her down and lets her know he doesn’t care about her excuse of having a bad day, he threatens to show her a “really bad day.” A game of cat and mouse ensues, with deadly outcomes. The premise—you never know when provoking a stranger if they are on the edge of becoming unhinged.

Here’s part of my interview with director Dereck Borte, on Russel Crowe’s challenging scenes.
Dereck responded: “I don’t think any of them were difficult for him. I think that he’s amazingly talented and experienced and just kind of goes about it in a workman way. And, I think that each scene brought with it different challenges. I mean, acting while driving a vehicle at those kinds of speeds, that to me, has got to be difficult. Actual driving and making sure that you’re being as safe as you can, but still staying in character, that’s a difficult thing, I’m sure. And, I think that each scene, as I said, brings its own challenges and yet, because he comes to work every day and gets everyone on the crew, including myself to raise their game up, to try to be the same universe as his.”

The Bottomline: Two and a half stars out of four. The movie turns into a ‘violent, slasher horror film very quickly. Crowe is terrifying as “The Man.” I’d recommend the film if you are a horror fan; otherwise, I’d steer clear.

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