Alyvia (Aly) Alyn Lind Interview ‘Blended’ Film

Sarah Knight Adamson and Aly Lind Opening night of ‘Blended’ Hollywood Palms Theater, Naperville, IL Photo Credit: Bill Adamson

Aly Lind Will Melt Your Heart Playing Adam Sandler’s Youngest Daughter in Blended

I interviewed Aly Alvia Lind on May 23, 2014, the opening day of Adam Sandler’s new film, Blended. She’s the youngest person I’ve interviewed as she’s only 6 years old. Quvenzhané Wallis of the film Beasts of the Southern Wild was 8 years old when I interviewed her in 2012; she’s going to be starring in the new movie Annie in the title role of Annie with Denzel Washington. Aly was in Naperville, IL for the opening of Blended and I was asked to introduce her before the film and conduct her Q&A at Hollywood Palms Theater. She is a delightful little girl and very excited about her acting career.

SKA:   What I am going to ask you about is Adam Sandler and then I’m going to ask you about Drew Barrymore. When you think of them as people. Can you tell me just three words? If you were going to tell somebody, “Oh yeah, I know Adam Sandler and I know Drew Barrymore.” If they said, ” Can you tell me just three words about them to describe them.” Can you tell me three words right now?

AL:     Adam, the first word is definitely ‘funny’.

SKA:   Okay. Perfect.

AL:     Second word is probably ‘kind’.

AL:     And ‘happy’.

SKA:   Happy. I like that. Okay so now for Drew Barrymore.

AL:     ‘Sweet’.

AL:     ‘Beautiful’.

AL:     For Drew and also ‘happy’.

SKA:   Happy. How nice. What was your best day when you were on the set in Africa?

AL:     Probably the day that we went and we rode elephants. That was really cool.

SKA:   Were you up really high?

AL:     Yeah, we were really up high. We were up so high it was scary. I felt like I was going to fall off the elephant.

SKA:   It is really high. Were you riding by yourself or with someone?

AL:      I was riding it with a guide.

SKA:    Can you tell me some of your favorite animals that you saw?

AL:       I really like the warthogs, zebras and I definitely like elephants.

SKA:     Wow, me too…I like all of those animals. At the end of the movie when you were dancing and I know that you take dancing lessons. Did you like that a lot?

AL:      Yeah, it was really, really fun. I had a good time doing the dancing.

SKA:    Did you learn any new moves?

AL:      Yes, My choreographer is South African so she knew what kind of dance we had to do and what kind of moves. It was really fun. I actually learned a whole dance. It was really cool. It was really fun to dance with Bella Thorne.

SKA:    What do you like best about dancing?

AL:    I like that it’s fun to do and you can really get a lot of energy from that. Really it’s really cool. You can really express yourself.

SKA:   Yes, I like that. You can express yourself. Your personality shows through when you dance. When your friends are going to see the movie, what do you hope that they might think about afterwards?

AL:      I think they’re going to think about the family part, that family’s the most important thing and that you shouldn’t hate each other and you should just like each other and be a family.

SKA:    You know, I agree with you so much. I really liked that in the movie. I really did because that is the heart of the film. What would you like your fans to know about you?

AL:       That I really love my sisters and all of us acting. Yeah.

SKA:     That’s so sweet.

AL:        My whole family is acting.

SKA:      Yes. What do you like about acting?

AL:        It’s so fun. It’s great. I like to play other people. It’s really fun to pretend it’s someone else. Some of it’s playing dress-up and getting to play around.

SKA:      Yes, yes. You are in this movie a lot. You were really able express a lot of emotions too when you had to cry about your makeup like ‘aww’ you know. Your face makeup. Were those scenes fun to do?

AL:        Yes, I also really liked scenes where we can improvise and we can throw stuff out there.

SKA:     Oh, yes. I bet you had a great time with this movie because improvising isn’t done in a lot of movies.

AL:       Also, Adam does a lot of improvising.

SKA:    Does he? He just tries stuff out and sees if it works.

AL:        Yeah. He tries to see if it’s funny and he’s just great.

SKA:     Oh my goodness. It sounded like you had a really fun time. Do you want to do your voice tonight? The really low voice for the audience or not?

AL:      Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (excitedly)

SKA:    Okay. I’ll ask you to do that. What do you call that voice? I know in the movie Adam called it Lucifer, but what do you like to call it? Your dark voice?

AL:    It’s my devil voice.

SKA:  That sounds good. That’d be fun. Okay, my last question. Who’s an actress that you admire in Hollywood? Who do you like to go see?

AL:    That would be my mom. Barbara Alyn Woods.

SKA:   Your mom. Yes, she’s an actress. Isn’t she?

AL:    Yeah.

SKA:   I bet that’s really fun to see your mom. Aly, thank you so much, you are just so sweet and we’re going to have fun tonight. See you later.

AL:    Yes, thank you, we will have fun tonight!

Sarah Knight Adamson© May 24, 2014

Aly Lind and Sarah Knight Adamson During the Q&A for the movie ‘Blended’ Photo credit: Bill Adamson