Cannes Film Festival Re-Cap-Annette, Jungle Cruise & Stillwater H360

Reporting from Cannes, France-July 2021

Hi Carl, and hello to all of our listeners out there! I’m back from the Cannes Film Festival and was very happy to report in France.

Chaz Ebert from, an attendee for the last 30 years interviewed me, at the Hotel Splendid adjacent to the Roger Ebert Suite.
The on-camera interview can be seen soon on my website. Here’s a clip.

Sarah Knight Adamson-Interview Cannes Film Festival with Chaz Ebert, Hotel Splendid, July 2021

The films did not disappoint. One of the highlights was attending the opening night film “Annette,” a musical that won the best director.

This week I can recommend Jungle Cruise PG-13, and Matt Damon’s Stillwater rated R.

Jungle Book, Dyane Johnson and Emily Blunt, Disney Pictures
Stillwater, Matt Damon and Abigail Breslin-August 2021