Fatima ★★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Network

The setting is 1917, in Fátima, Portugal, where a miracle is said to have happened, an apparition of the Virgin Mary visited three small children. “Fatima” is based on true events during war-time in Portugal, according to those who witnessed the events—the children, their families, the villagers, and others who flocked to the town. Director Marco Pontecorvo beautifully and historically re-creates the story with Picturehouse Studios as the film’s distributor.

Based on real-life events and starring Goran Višnjić (Beginners), Stephanie Gil (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Lúcia Moniz (Love, Actually), with Sônia Braga (Aquarius) and Harvey Keitel (The Piano, The Irishman), “Fatima” is just the type of film we need right now to strengthen the power of hope and faith.

“Fatima” is a gorgeous film with inccredible performances by all cast members. The beautiful, majestic voice of Andrea Bocelli sets a spiritual and haunting tone of the film. The original song, performed by Bocelli, ‘Gratia Plena’ means full of grace.

In my interviews with cast members, Goran Višnjić, who portrays the mayor of Fatima, sums up the film’s message, “When people ask me what the movie’s about, they want to know.” “So do you believe it? Do you believe in that miracle that really happened?” I’m like, “Well, this really doesn’t matter.” I mean, how are you going to dissect it scientifically? Let’s say we have a video of that day of the miracle. One person, “That’s CGI. That never happened.” This guy’s going to say, “Oh my God, it really happened.” When you start scientifically dissecting it, you lose faith. What I like to think is the message that these kids are putting up. It’s a message of love. The message is we need to love each other more, we need to pray more, and that’s the film’s message.

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Sarah Knight Adamson© September 4, 2020