Twilight Eclipse Cast Members: Tyson Houseman, Booboo Stewart and Jodelle Ferland Interview

Sarah’s Backstage Pass/WIND Hollywood 360 interviewed 3 cast members from the latest ‘Twilight’ film ‘Eclipse.’ Sarah Adamson chatted via phone with Tyson Houseman who plays a member of the wolf-pack Quil Ateara, Booboo Stewart another member of the wolf-pack Seth Clearwater and Jodelle Ferland a member of the newborn vampires’ as Bree Tanner. All three members are in their teen years and ‘living the dream’ working in the hottest film series of the decade!

Tyler Houseman
Tyson Houseman
Jodelle Ferland
Jodelle Ferland
Booboo Stewart
Booboo Stewart

Tyler Houseman
Tyson Houseman

Sarah Adamson: Good evening Twilight fans we are chatting with Tyson Houseman who will be appearing in the third Twilight film, Eclipse. Hello, Tyson! Could you tell us a little bit about your character and your role that you play?

Tyson Houseman: I play Quil Ateara and my character is one of the last ones to join the wolf pack in Eclipse. That was a lot of fun for me because there were a lot of similarities from working on New Moon because all of the other wolf pack guys, we had become really good friends. I only had one day of shooting on New Moon…I only had one scene so they had a lot more work to do than I did. They would always joke about all the other stuff that they were doing and how they could hang out more than I could and I was a little jealous. I wanted to see the other guys again. The same thing happens with the character, Quil, he’s one of the only wolves that’s really happy about joining the wolf pack because he can see his friends again. I kind of felt that way when I went into Eclipse because it was really fun that I got to hang out with all the guys again and I was part of the wolf pack – so there was that similarity that was really cool to have.

SA: What is your favorite part about working in these movies?

TH: It’s really nice having the other wolf pack guys there. We had to go through two months of working out with each other, which was really, really tough. I think it really bonded us together and we became really good friends because of that. So, it was nice showing up for a day of work because it wasn’t just working with a day of actors it was working with a group of your friends. It was fun.

SA: It does look very physically challenging as well. Would you say that’s the most challenging part about your role? The physical aspects of it?

TH: It is pretty challenging. There was a lot of pressure to get buff and physically fit but when the workouts started it was really, really intense stuff. I think I gained about 20 or 25 pounds of muscle.

SA: Oh my goodness! Well, you guys were all great in the last film. I really enjoyed all the special effects it was really great when you transform. I love it! Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

TH: I think everyone is going to be excited to see what happens with the whole imprinting with Eclipse. I think one thing I can tell the fans is that they handled the imprinting stuff really well. It’s really good for me too because a lot of people come up to me saying that it’s creepy I’m in love with a two year old. I think it gets explained very well and handled really well in Eclipse. They’ll be glad to see that.

SA: Fantastic! Well, I want to thank you so much for chatting with me and best of luck with the film!

TH: Thank you so much!

Booboo Stewart
Booboo Stewart

Sarah Adamson: Hello everyone, I’m chatting with Booboo Stewart! Can you tell us about your character Booboo?

Booboo Stewart: My character’s name is Seth Clearwater. He is the peacemaker between the wolves and the vampires.

SA: Cool! How did you prepare for this role?

BS: Preparing for the role, I had to get into good shape. My mom is a professional tennis competitor and she’s a personal trainer so she really pushed me in the gym.

SA: Sure, that’s probably really helpful!

BS: That’s your mom. You can’t just half way do it because when you get home you’re still going to be in the same house as her (laughs).

SA: You’ve got that right and she’s watching you all the time!

BS: Oh Yes!

SA: What drew you to this role?

BS: Just the standard auditions. We all go in. We sign in. They call you in one at a time. It’s just really simple, but stressful too because this movie is like a career making movie. I was 110% prepared. I read all of the books before the audition so I knew the story.

SA: That was a good thing to do! So, being in these movies, what is your favorite part about working in them?

BS: I just love the fans. Being a part of this…I mean, this may never happen again…being a part of something that has such a strong fan base. This is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so happy that I’m a part of it. The fans are incredible.

SA: They sure are! Now, do you know go to school in California? Do your classmates know you’re going to be in this movie?

BS: Well, I’m home schooled so I have classmates all around the world I guess (laughs). But yeah, I do get tutored and my friends do know that I’m a part of the movie and think it’s really cool. They’ve known me a pretty long time so hopefully they don’t start freaking out on me (laughs).

SA: No, I don’t think they will. Is there something you’d like your fans to know about you?

BS: People always misspell my name. Well, they always spell it right, “Booboo.” But they always put capital ‘B’ and lower case ‘oo’s, then space, capital ‘B’ lower case ‘oo.’ It’s actually one word and the second ‘boo’ is lower case. It’s Booboo – all one word.

SA: Is there some meaning behind that?

BS: Yeah, it’s actually my nickname. My mom gave me that nickname when I was a baby and it’s always stuck.

SA: Aw! That’s awesome. That’s great! So, do you have any speaking lines in the film where we get to hear you speak?

BS: Yes, for sure!

SA: Oh, great! Thanks so much for chatting with us today and best of luck with the film!

Jodelle Ferland
Jodelle Ferland

Sarah Adamson: Thank you for chatting with us today, Jodelle. Could you tell us about your role in Eclipse?

Jodelle Ferland: Sure! I play Bree Tanner and she is one of the vampires in Victoria’s army of newborns that she created. Even though Bree is sort of on the evil side, she can’t really help it because she’s never known anything else or another way of life. But inside, she is a really good person and she doesn’t want to be like that. She wants to change but she just doesn’t know how.

SA: I like that, a little bit of complexity to this character. I bet that was interesting. What is your favorite part about working in this movie?

JF: It’s hard to pick a favorite but one of my favorite things about playing Bree is that I get to wear the red contacts, which were really cool! It was really neat.

SA: So, how does it appear when you’re looking out with those red contacts on?

JF: Well, I thought that everything might look red, but really you can see just fine. It’s just your side vision that is blurry. So, if somebody comes at you from the side you can’t really see them. It’s a little bit annoying but it’s not so bad!

SA: Oh my goodness now I really can’t wait to see you in this! That will be exciting. I have to ask you, were you surprised when the new short story by Stephenie Meyer centers on your character?

JF: Well, I wasn’t surprised when I heard that it was coming out because I had actually read it before we started filming so I could understand Bree better and what she went through. So, I was really happy when I first found out about it but I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen with it. Stephenie wasn’t sure if she was going to publish it. I think she said she was going to publish it with a guide. Then, she found out it was longer than she thought so it ended up being published as its own book, which I’m really happy about.

SA: Well, I should hope so! That’s fantastic!

JF: Yes, it’s called, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.”

SA: Your character! Congratulations, I think that is so cool! What did you find challenging about your role?

JF: Well, it was definitely different for me because I never played a vampire before. I’ve done a lot of different scary roles and a vampire is something I’ve never done before. I really liked it. But it was a little different for me. Every time I do something different it’s a little bit challenging…especially because it’s a Twilight vampire not just a regular vampire. They’re a little different (laughs).

SA: Exactly, I know you have a long list of credits. You’ve really been working in a lot of different arenas and that’s really wonderful. Congratulations, that is fantastic for you!

JF: Thank you.

SA: Is there anything you’d like your fans to know about yourself or about your role?

JF: Well, I’ve pretty much told you everything about my role…about me (laughs)? There are so many things I could say. I’d like people to know that I really like drawing, painting and artistic things like that. I actually drew Taylor Lautner once (laughs). That was fun. That was actually pretty awesome.

SA: Yeah, I bet! Did you learn by a grid method? Or just free hand?

JF: I’ve actually never really learned…I don’t really have a method of learning (to draw) I’ve just be drawing for a really long time. One day, I just sat down and I just told myself that I was going to do something that was actually good (laughs) because before that I just doodled and scribbled. From then on, I’ve been really working hard on improving my artistic skills.

SA: Well, do you enjoy it?

JF: I do. I Absolutely love it.

SA: See, that’s what is great about that, Jodelle. It sounds like you have a passion for it. Did you actually take your sketchbook to the set and draw him?

JF: Yes, (laughs). Well, I did actually have my sketchbook on set because on my lunch breaks I’d draw the Twilight covers. The drawing of Taylor – I actually had a poster, which I borrowed from a friend who really liked him. I told her that I’d try to draw him for her.

SA: That’s really sweet. Now, how old are you?

JF: I’m 15 now and my birthday is October 9th.

SA: So you were a little bit younger when they were filming?

JF: Yes, I was 14 when filming and I actually turned 15 on set. I had my birthday on set, which was fun. I liked that!

SA: What do you think is the best part about being in these films?

JF: Obviously, I get to meet the entire cast, which is fantastic. Also, knowing that they’re such nice people because you never know when people are really just saying they’re nice or not. So it’s good to know. It’s reassuring.

SA: Well, you sound like you’re really on your way as a young actress. I wish you so much luck in the future. I can’t wait to see you on the big screen! Thank you so much for chatting with us!