Mitchel Musso: “The Best of Both Worlds”

Sarah’s Backstage Pass Chats with Hannah Montana Co-star

Mitchel Musso
Photo credit: Brian Lowe

Actor and musician, Mitchel Musso, 18, is most known for his role, Oliver Oken, in the hit television series and film, “Hannah Montana” and Hannah Montana: The Movie. Musso stars alongside Miley Cyrus as her best friend. Cyrus lives a double-life as an average teen (Miley Stewart) and a pop princess (Hannah Montana) contentedly, living in the “Best of Both Worlds,” which is the show’s theme song.

Not only is Musso an accomplished actor, but his latest efforts inclue his self-titled debut album, Mitchel Musso, released in June 2009.

Mitchel greets fans
On July 3rd, Musso visited Chicago for a few days to promote his album. He visited the Disney Store on Michigan Avenue for a meet and greet before throwing the first pitch in the Cubs game and attending the Taste of Chicago! He will be back in town August 15th to perform at the House of Blues.

Musso attributes his musical success to his mentor and older brother, Mason Musso, who is a guitarist and singer for the pop-rock band, Metro Station. “Mason was the reason I wanted to get involved in music. I look up to him for everything,” he said.

When asked which he enjoyed more; acting or making music? Musso said, “They’re both a huge passion for me but music’s taken over my life. In acting there’s the word “act.” But in music, I get to make my own call time and my own script…me being the artist instead of me being part of that art.”

Miley Cyrus and Mithcel Musso
In Musso’s limited free time, he enjoys being a ‘normal’ teenager, “driving my car, chillin’ with my hommies, playing guitar and hanging out with my two dogs, Stitch, a Golden Lab and Molly, a Maltese,” said Musso.

When asked what it is like working so closely with Cyrus, I immediately felt his beaming smile on the other end of the phone as he replied, “She’s like my sister and the most humble girl you’ll ever meet in your life. Honestly, she’s one of my idols. I think she’s phenomenal and has a wonderful voice. She’s really changed music in general,” he said.

Musso had some words of inspiration for success, “After you go through an audition forget about it because then you’re never waiting for a let down. Then, one day out of the blue you may get a call.”

It sounds like Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one living in “Best of Both Worlds.”

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