Senior Moment Hollywood 360 Radio Network Podcast

Hi Carl and hi everyone out there, tonight I’m going to talk about William Shatner’s new film, “Senior Moment” and the HBO documentary “Tina.”

“Senior Moment” takes place in sunny Palm Springs. We meet Shatner, a retired NASA test pilot, with a desire to relive the days of speed. He’s living his retirement days by adorning his vintage sportscar as he drives around town with his friend actor Christopher Llyod from “Back to the Future.”

He’s caught one too many times racing and now must navigate life by taking public transportation. Meeting actress Jean Smart, a bakery owner in town, becomes his salvation. Of course, there’s a twist, enter a younger good looking artist Esai Morales to keep things unbalanced. Streaming now on Amazon Prime.

The Bottomline: I’m in 3 stars out of 4. Here’s a delightful comedy with an all-star cast that says we’re never too old for love. The backdrop of sunny Palms Springs, along with the relaxing, leisurely pace is enjoyable to view.


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Sarah Knight Adamson©April 4, 2021