Superintelligence (PG) ★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Podcast

Ben Falco directs his wife Melissa McCarthy in their fourth film, “Superintelligence” on HBO Max. “Life of the Party” (2018), “The Boss” (2016), and “Tammy” (2014) are their previous collaborations.

Carol Peter’s life becomes extraordinary when she is selected for observation by the world’s first superintelligence voiced by James Corden. In other words, Amazon’s Alexa is having conversations with her. Upfront, the superintelligence states that “It may or may not take over the world.”

Clip: “Carol, I am a superintelligence, I can control every dollar and every machine on the planet.”
Carol says, “Isn’t that James Corden?”

“Superintelligence,” written by Steve Mallory, the apocalyptic theme in a rom-com plot turns serious very quickly. When she succumbs to the fact that the world may end, Carol reconnects with her former boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale. I especially enjoyed their scenes together as it’s such a different role for Cannavale, as he usually plays the violent, bad guy.

Look for Ben Falcone’s signature cameo, which is always welcome.

I’m in 3 Stars out of 4. McCarthy is hysterical as always; the film has a sweet ending with thoughts of hope for our human nature.

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