Telluride Film Festival 2023 Highlights posted to Roger Ebert. com

The journey of attending film festivals encompasses screening new films, meeting film talent, and networking with fellow critics and moviegoers. It never disappoints, and on-site experience has always heightened my film perspective. Each film festival has its unique vibe and tone; having attended Cannes, Sundance, and Toronto, I’ve been waiting for the right time to attend Telluride. My expectations for Telluride were high (no pun intended) as it’s supposedly common for talent to walk down Colorado Street, the main thoroughfare and home of the festival headquarters, or to bump into talent randomly during the festival. After attending the film “Wildcat” and meeting star Laura Linney, sure enough, she walked by while I was having an alfresco lunch; she smiled and waved, saying, “Hi again.” Then, ten minutes later, Casey Affleck walked by. Seeing talent in a casual environment is unique, although another standout is the breathtaking mountain splendor of Telluride’s 8,750 ft. elevation.Reporting for carries considerable weight due to the importance of his legacy, as he is well renowned in Telluride; it was one of his favorite film festivals. Telluride’s 50th Anniversary online program includes a quote from him in which he says the fest is “… like Cannes died and went to heaven.”My fellow film critic attendees gave similar positive answers to why they enjoy Telluride. In speaking with Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times, he said, “The first few days here are as crazy and frenzied as they are at most film festivals, but at a certain point, it is the type of place where you feel you can relax, take things in, as it does move at a much saner pace than most festivals.” In a quick conversation with Clayton Davis of Variety, he replied, “Telluride has the best movies and best location, ah yes, location, location, location.” Director Steve McQueen said of the festival, “Telluride is unique and wonderful. It’s a filmmaker’s paradise.” McQueen was in Telluride to promote his documentary, “Occupied City.”
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