Top 10 Movies of 2012

Top 10 Movies of 2012
Sarah Adamson, Hollywood 360 Movie Critic’s Best Movies of 2012

Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. Zero Dark Thirty– The gripping tale of the 10 year search for Osama bin Laden.

2. Argo-Ben Affleck’s film centering on the 1979 hostage crisis.

3. Lincoln- Daniel Day-Lewis is transformed as our 16th President.

4. Skyfall-Daniel Craig helps celebrate Bond’s 50th anniversary with the best film to date.

5. The Avengers-Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk steals this comic character mash-up.

6. Frankenweenie- Tim Burton’s most creative film to date.

7. Moonrise Kingdom-Wes Anderson’s quirky little scouting drama centers on young love.

8. Silver Linings Playbook- An up close and personal look at mental illness in a rom-com format.

9. The Dark Knight- Christian Bale is on a mission of vengeance, while Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman steals every scene.

10. Beasts of the Southern Wild- Coming of age film starring a 6 year-old and her father in the Louisiana bayou.