Abigail Breslin Interview “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”


Abigail’s movie roles: My Sister’s Keeper (2009) (filming), Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) …. Margaret Mildred ‘Kit’ Kittredge, Nim’s Island (2008) … Nim Rusoe, Definitely, Maybe (2008) …. Maya Hayes, No Reservations (2007) … Zoe, Little Miss Sunshine (2006) …. Olive Hover, Raising Helen (2004) .. Sarah Davis, Signs (2002) … Bo Hess.

Abigail and SarahBackstage Notes:

Abigail is an adorable 12 year old girl. She wore a blue dress with cameo blue and white dangly earrings and has beautiful very long, shinny hair. She’s really sweet and most notably “unpretentious”. Intelligent, grounded, great sense of humor all describes this extremely talented and successful child Hollywood actress.

Roundtable Press Interview

Sarah Adamson Question: Are any of Kit’s personality traits similar to your own?

A.B.-We both like dolls and she’s a lot braver than me. Kit was always one of my favorites so that was exciting. I like her story now, she was growing up in the Great Depression and everything. My grandma grew up in the Great Depression. So I talked to her a little bit about that.

What do you think other girls your age will get out of the movie?

A.B.- What I got out of it was that Kit always does things even though she may not want to do them she’ll do them and try to have fun with it. I think that’s really cool and that’s something that I want to start doing, I’m trying to do that now.

Do you like watching yourself in the movie?

A.B.-Its cool, I look very different in it though, I wore a wig.

There are several scenes where you are typing and all the stuff is going on in your head, how did they do that? How did you get in character?

A.B.-We recorded when the movie was over because I had a cold earlier on and it didn’t sound good.Abigail Bresllin

How do you compare this character to someone like Nim? Two totally different movies climbing mountains as opposed to a girl in the Great Depression…what do you think the difference is?

A.B.-I think with every character, every character is kind of different. (her answer is kind of repetitive and confusing)

Did you ever want to be a journalist like Kit?

A.B.-I think that would be very fun except that Kit takes a lot of notes and I don’t think I’d be able to do that.

What do you want to do when we grow up?

A.B.-If I don’t do this I want to be a veterinarian. I like all animals. I like cats and dogs. I do collect elephants but I don’t think I could fit that in a Vet’s office.

Your co-stars are your age did you hang out with them when you weren’t shooting?

A.B.-When we were done with work we’d go to dinner or to the mall or to the movies so yeah it was a lot of fun.

I heard that you have a very tight knit family off screen…

A.B.-I have two older brothers. We have a lot of pets, two dogs, two cats and a turtle. So our family is a little bit bigger than Kits.

Abigail BreslinSarah Adamson Question: Can you tell us about any memorable moments during the filming or fun times?

A.B.-This wasn’t exactly fun at the time, I fell a couple times when I was making the movie. I was walking down the steps carrying a big basket of corn so I wasn’t really paying attention and I fell down the steps. And then we were running in another scene and I tripped again. It was a little embarrassing. One of the fun things that we did, well, the most fun was probably the scenes with the monkey. They had a memo –what you could and couldn’t do in front of the monkey.

On a typical day, what does Abigail do?

A.B.-I like to text, I like to go to the mall and have sleepovers.

Sarah Adamson Question: Have you read any good books you’ve read lately?

A.B.-I like Anne of Green Gables and The Click Series.

What’s next?

A.B.-I just finished a movie called “My Sister’s Keeper” it’s with, Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin, and Joan Cusack.

Sarah Adamson © July 17, 2008