Free Guy (PG-13) Hollywood 360 Radio Podcast ★★★★

Hi Carl, and hello to all of our listeners out there! Tonight, I’m going to talk about two excellent movies that have recently opened.

First up, “Free Guy,” rated PG-13, stars Ryan Reynolds and British actress Jodie Comer. It’s playing now in theaters.

Blue Shirt Guy Ryan Reynolds is a bank teller in an open-world video game, his life changes when he decides to break away from his scripted actions. Here’s a comedic satire of gaming with the added bonus of a fun romantic comedy by an engaging actress named Jodie Comer.

Similar in theme to the “Truman Show” and “Ready Player One,” the movie’s fast video game pace keeps the audience captivated. The chemistry between both leads is charming. The strong female role is appreciated, as is sharing the limelight with Reynolds is always a plus.

Be prepared if you are taking children under 13, the f-bomb is said, vulgar language, gun violence, and bloody explosions.

The catchy song “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey sprinkled throughout creates a nostalgic tone with hints of romance. In addition, both actors, Taika Waititi (the villain), the better known, and Lil Rey Howery (bank security guard), display their over-the-top acting chops. The entertaining ensemble cast help create a popcorn-munching good time—in my case, the best time I’ve had at the movies all summer!

Director: Shawn Levy
Writers: Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn
Production Company:
Run-time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Sarah Knight Adamson© August 22, 2021

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