Interview Jane Lynch the Voice of Apple’s Health App Commercial

I recently talked with Jane Lynch, the voice of Apple’s new commercial, about protecting your health data using Apple’s health app. The commercial has an essential message for everyone garnering 3 million views since it dropped six days ago and can be seen on YouTube here:

Jane Lynch Zoom Interview with Sarah Knight Adamson May 25, 2023

I interviewed Jane in 2008, as I have a connection through my friend’s husband, whose sister is married to her brother. I’ve also met Jane in person at a High School play in which her niece was performing.

She’s had an amazing film and TV career; most know her as the snarky coach Sue Sylvester in the hit TV series “Glee.” However, she’s very well known for her iconic roles in Christopher Guest’s mockumentary films “Best in Show” (2000), “A Mighty Wind” (2003), and “For Your Consideration” (2006). Other memorable shows include: “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Wreck-It Ralph” film franchise.

Jane Lynch and her dog Olivia. Photo Courtesy of Jane Lynch 2008.

She’s an accomplished singer and stage performer; during the holidays, she goes on tour with Kate Flannery in a 60s-style “Swingin’ Little Christmas.” Jane doesn’t appear to have any plans of slowing down.

Sarah Knight Adamson-Jane Lynch Interview May 25, 2023

Here’s our interview:

Sarah Knight Adamson: Hi Jane, it’s so great to see you again; it’s been a long time since I saw you last, 2008, I believe. I’m amazed at your incredible career. Let’s talk about the Apple Health App. Most people with the Apple Health App don’t know it keeps your information secure. Can you talk about the benefits?

Jane Lynch: I think that’s what the commercial does. It’s like this person I play is a troll on the internet looking for little pieces of information about people. And you know, she’s saying, you’ve got halitosis, you’ve got diarrhea, you wear yoga pants, and you never work out. And they’re absolutely stunned because they have no idea that all of this information is going out there. I’d say at one point in the commercial, it’s about your information, and you are letting me have it. And so that’s why you should go back to that app on your Apple device, and it will protect everything and keep it all in there.

SKA: I was surprised when I started to look at the app of what it could do. It’s amazing. Yeah. And I didn’t even know it was tracking so much. I have the Apple Watch, which I love for that kind of information, but I didn’t know the Apple Health App does so much.

SKA: What message were you hoping to achieve with your voice narrative? Because you have such a distinctive voice, I was intrigued by listening to you.

JL: Good. The person I’m playing is one of those people who gets off on; shaming, insulting, and she’s very childish. The internet is full of people like this. Not only does she know it about you, she’s saying it in the doctor’s office waiting room so everybody else knows it about you now. So that’s what we hope that people get from this ad. It’s funny, and we laugh at it, but it also is a very serious issue. For sure, be careful what you share online, and put your health info on the app on your iPhone or whatever Apple device you have. You have your health app, and it’s protected. No one can get into your information.

SKA: I appreciate that. I can’t believe what people post on social media. They’re actually in the hospital and give all these details. I’m thinking, okay, you have no idea what you’re in for. Everybody knows now.

JL: Yes, like people saying on social media, my blood test results came back. I’m thinking, no, don’t do that. You call your friends and tell them instead.

SKA: Oh my gosh. I heard from Mary that you were at your alma mater at, Illinois State University. I believe you taught a class there.

JL: Yes, I did. Six days a week for four hours a day. I sat with acting majors, juniors, and seniors, and we had a cast of them performing “Lost in Yonkers,” a Neil Simon Play that won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It’s a great work. We tore it apart and put it back together and did a staged reading with costumes, lights, sound, and a little bit of a set. It was a joy to be steeped in technique, which is the most important thing that I learned at Illinois State when I was there. I learned how to think like an actor, and it’s techniques I still do now. Conveying to the students that they will use all the information they’ve learned through this process and class for the rest of their careers. It was a wonderful three weeks.

SKA: One last question for “Glee” fans, did you keep any of your iconic tracksuits?

Sue Sylvester “Glee” TV Show 2009-20015

JL: I kept several of them. Yes, I had a bunch and gave them to places that auctioned them off. They went to the archives at ISU, and I sent one to them, and they have it. It’s displayed lying down and almost looks like a casket. (laughs)

SKA: I want to thank you so much, as it’s always great to speak with you, and by the way, you look so beautiful.

JL: Thank you so much, and please tell Mary and Gary hello from me!

My interview with Jane Lynch 2008

Sarah Knight Adamson© May 25, 2023