The Town (R) ★★★☆

Ben Affleck in The Town.

Action Thriller Solidifies Affleck’s Talent as a Director

If Gone Baby Gone (2007) made you sit up and take notice, then The Town just might inspire you to stand up … Read more

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13) ★★★

You Won’t Sleep Through This One

Oliver Stone, director of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, is beginning to grow on me. Yes, I’m even a bit surprised myself by this turn of events. And − … Read more

Catfish (PG-13) ★★★☆

Nev talking with Megan

Online Friendship Becomes Personal on Many Levels

From the get-go, Catfish draws you in and doesn’t let you go until the credits are rolling. It’s human nature to be, somewhat, ‘nosey’ … Read more

Going the Distance (R) ★★★☆

Drew Barrymore as Erin  Going the DistancePoster Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis,Justin Long and Barrymore Click on images to view larger version.

Lots to Laugh About as Barrymore and Long are Hysterically Funny

Drew Barrymore otherwise … Read more

Mao's Last Dancer (PG) ★★★★

Mao’s Last Dancer Poster Li Cunxin Practicing in China Ballet Performance Click on images to view larger version.

An Inspiring, Uplifting Film Based on Courage

Filled with compassion, courage and heartfelt moments, Mao’s Last DancerRead more

Inception (PG-13) ★★★★

Sweet Dreams Equals Sweet Hollywood Script!

By far, Christopher Nolan’s Inception has been the most highly anticipated film of the summer by both critics and fans. The film challenges your mind and thought processes; you Read more

Despicable Me (G) ★★★☆

Gru and his minions Despicable Me Poster Gru with the children Click on images to view larger version.

That Villain is Really Very Funny!

Parents and kids will enjoy sitting through Despicable Me as the … Read more

Winter’s Bone (R) ★★★★

Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly Winter’s Bone Poster John Hawkes as Uncle Teardrop Click on images to view larger version.

A Determined Teen Struggles for Survival

If you have ever wondered how life has changed … Read more

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13) ★★★

Edward & Bella Eclipse Poster Jacob & Bella Click on images to view larger version.

Total Eclipse of the Heart for Bella

Being of the mind set to ‘live in the moment’ and not look … Read more

Sex and the City 2 (R) ★★★

Everyone’s Favorite New York Girls Are Back and Better Than Ever!

Ladies, if you want to glam it up with your girlfriends, grab a cocktail and lose yourself in the ‘fantasy fashion world’ for two … Read more

Shrek Forever After (PG) ★★★☆

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Shrek Forever After 3D opens energetically out of the gate with a hyper-speed carriage and horses scene that is ‘in your face.’ Basically, you’ll be throwing your hands up … Read more

Letters to Juliet (PG) ★★★

Romance in the Countryside of Italy, What Could be Better?

If you are in any way a romantic at heart, then you’ll no doubt fall in love with Letters to Juliet. The film tugs … Read more

Iron Man 2 (PG-13) ★★★★

This is Film Entertainment At Its Best!

Robert Downy Jr. is back as Tony Stark, and his outed alias Iron Man; the comic book character that left audiences yearning for more. Not only is there … Read more

Shrek 4-ever After Film Review

By: Sean Rachford Sixth Grade Student

Do you like comedy movies or maybe movies with unexpected parts? If so, Shrek Forever After is the movie for you in 3D. This movie is hilarious and loaded … Read more

Date Night (PG-13) ★★★★

Carell and Fey are Entertaining in Date Night

How do you keep the fire going between two married people while juggling kids, a mortgage and job stresses? Date Night, a new comedy starring Steve Carell … Read more

Letters to God (G) ★★★★

Tyler Maguire will Steal Your Heart as a Young Boy with Cancer

Mention the word ‘cancer’ in a conversation and no doubt all persons involved have been touched by the disease in some form or … Read more

Alice In Wonderland (PG) ★★★☆

A Magical Modernized Version of A Classic Tale

Tim Burton unites with his old pal Disney Pictures to direct a ‘new’ movie version of the classic Lewis Carroll fantasy fairy tale. The film is stunningly … Read more

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) ★★★☆

Those Middle School Years are Tough Especially if you’re a Wimpy Kid!

Remember those awkward middle school days of self doubt, insecurity and feelings of unpopularity? Diary of a Wimpy Kidaddresses all of those … Read more

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (PG) ★★★

Percy Jackson Comes to Life on the Big Screen in a Big Way

Based on the highly popular middle school children’s book of the same name by author Rick Riordan, this film is sure to … Read more

Shutter Island (R) ★★★☆

A Suspenseful 1950s Mystery Thriller with an All Star Cast

Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio in this mystery thriller based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. This is one instance where I recommend that you … Read more